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Bells Ring Out

Bells ring outacross the landthe time for actionis now at handWorld leaders in Glasgowhear our pleathe world is dyingyou must seethat what we needis open heartswe beg of youto play your part.Make decisionswise and truefor the manynot just the fewremember … Continue reading

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Message to World Leaders from Wood Pigeon

Your heads are fullthoughts, ideas, dreamsof other worldsjust like ours.You probeyou ponderyou encourage explorationfor extra-terrestrial resources.But bewarelike a thirsty travellersearching for water in the desertyou may discoverthe oasis is just a mirage.This morning,this day,this eveninglisten to my call*One planetthat is … Continue reading

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Ash Tree Reflections

In an upside down worldI stare at my reflectionand tell youI know about disease.I know about shortage and want.I know what it is like to dread the chainsaw’s roarand wonder if it is coming for me.I know what it is … Continue reading

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Queen of the Heath

She is no straight, tall elegant beautyNo.She writhes and rearsout of earth.A wild unbroken silver marebuckingin the evening sun. Dappled with moss and licheneight limbs ofhoarythick bark,rough to the touch,twisting, turningover each other. Sinking downthen raising upyoung smooth skinned limbstipped … Continue reading

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Today I Am Angry

“How stricken would our luscious landscape be without the lovely Ash” Ali Walters March 2019 Today I am angryToday I can’t understand whyWe aren’t shouting from the roof tops,That with dieback and the borer beetleWE could lose nearly 1 billion … Continue reading

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River Ouse Sensescape at Low Tide

The feel of the cool breeze on the palm of my outstretched hand The warm sun on my up turned face The roughness of dried seaweed between my fingers The sound of rippling wavelets as the wind pushes the river … Continue reading

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Prayer for Peace

May fingers poised on triggers pause. May hands push back pins and safety catches. May eyes and ears focussing on targets turn instead, to the cries of hungry frightened children. In a heartbeat may all weapons be laid down and … Continue reading

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30 Days Wild Day 6 Or Sometimes Nature Just Comes to You

While sitting at my computer this afternoon I noticed a movement out of the corner of my eye and there sitting behind my bird bath was a fledgling blackbird, which the male had just fed. It was a wild and … Continue reading

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World Environment Day 2017

A brief ditty on why brambles matter for #30DaysWild (day 5) and World Environment Day. If all around is doom & gloom let a bramble blossom & bloom. A single skipper may then alight to ease the heart & bring … Continue reading

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1 Day to 30 Days Wild

A glorious end to May started with a fabulous sunrise. Not being the earliest of risers sometimes it does pay to peek out of the curtains on waking at 4.30am even if your going back to sleep! Down  on the beach … Continue reading

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