Ash Tree Reflections

In an upside down world
I stare at my reflection
and tell you
I know about disease.
I know about shortage and want.
I know what it is like to dread the chainsaw’s roar
and wonder if it is coming for me.
I know what it is like
to no longer hear my friends
whispering on the wind.
In this upside down world
if you can’t hug your mother, sister, friend, brother, father, child, grandchild
put your arms around me
and listen while I tell you
we are all in this together.

© Ali Walters April 2020

With thanks to Roselle Angwin for her Tongues In Trees course, her enthusiasm, support and for including this poem in her latest blog

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1 Response to Ash Tree Reflections

  1. It’s a beautiful poem. Thank you.

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