Message to World Leaders from Wood Pigeon

Your heads are full
thoughts, ideas, dreams
of other worlds
just like ours.
You probe
you ponder
you encourage exploration
for extra-terrestrial resources.
But beware
like a thirsty traveller
searching for water in the desert
you may discover
the oasis is just a mirage.
This morning,
this day,
this evening
listen to my call*
One planet
that is all,
One planet
One planet
that is for all.

© Ali Walters September 2021

* Not to be confused with Collared Dove who repeats One Planet, One Planet, One Planet!

This poem was written in response to the call for patches that would be sewn on to the Coat of Hopes an art work and pilgrimage project to COP26 and came to me as I mediated on what my design should be. This is the resulting patch:

Coat of Hopes Patch

Notes to go with the Coat of Hopes Patch

The blue/green circlet of course represents our astounding, astonishing, amazing blue/green planet. Strangely at the time I was reading Braiding Sweet Grass by Robin Wall Kimmerer and without realising, the design I chose for the circlet is based on a Potawatomi design which seemed serendipitous. I’ve added a red centre for the vibrant life-force our planet has and surrounded it with stars.

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