Bells Ring Out

Bells ring out
across the land
the time for action
is now at hand
World leaders in Glasgow
hear our plea
the world is dying
you must see
that what we need
is open hearts
we beg of you
to play your part.
Make decisions
wise and true
for the many
not just the few
remember the animals, plant
the soil and water
without which
nothing supports us
remember the thirsty lands
those drowning already
we need your strength
to keep us steady.
Peace, justice
and hope
for our earth overall
that is our prayer
that is our call

© Ali Walters October 2021

I wrote this poem as I sat in a church in Lewes after the bells had rung out at 6pm on Saturday 30th October across the UK sounding a warning of the current climate emergency to delegates travelling to COP26 in Glasgow. Shortly before the vigil a small group of us had walked around the town sharing thoughts, poems and prayers on the current situation. One of the points we stopped at was the extinction memorial in the town. So much more than just a piece of street art.

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