River Ouse Sensescape at Low Tide

The feel of the cool breeze on the palm of my outstretched hand
The warm sun on my up turned face
The roughness of dried seaweed between my fingers
The sound of rippling wavelets as the wind pushes the river against the out going tide
The raucous squabbling of seagulls
The chirping of a cricket in the grass
The salty smell of sea river water mixed with sweet lavender I’ve carried on my walk
The savoury taste of a handful of almonds found at the bottom of my bag and for dessert a few blackberries picked from a bush accessible only at low tide
The blue of the sky, the green of the hills, the brown of a recently ploughed field and the iridescent shimmer of a red dragonfly’s wings.
What a beautiful day a veritable feast for the senses.
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