Day Five – Amberely to Upper Beeding

Or Location, Location, Location

From here on and over to Eastbourne we were treading much more familiar territory. After catching an earlyish train from Brighton we seemed to have travelled a fair way before actually getting anywhere. The train announcements suggesting we were approching a station we’d just departed from also led to feelings of deja vue. But high on the hill above Amberley we stopped at possibly one of our favourite points so far – Rackham Banks (late Bronze Age) from here there were fabulous views over the Arun valley, we could see Arundel Castle to the south and down to  Parham House to the north, what a fantastic landscape to have on your doorstep.

It really was a day for fine views Cissbury Ring (neolithic flint mines/Iron Age hillfort) seemed never far from view and the Way of course took us directly to Chanctonbury Ring (Bronze Age burial mounds and Iron Age hillfort). A great spot for a picnic, let alone a hill fort! The views this time were over towards the Adur valley, Truleigh Hill, Devils Dyke and beyond. Our trip was all there mapped out in front of us.

From Chanctonbury we traced our route through a landscape moulded and scarred by man (though on such a fine day even the Shoreham cement works looked picturesque – ok I exagerate!), not to mention sheep and pigs. We took our lives in our hands to end the day having to cross the A283 at rush hour but at least the bus stopped right at the bottom of the South Downs Way. It’s always nice to go door to door.

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