2016 30 Days Wild – Days 10-12

What No Pictures?!

Sometimes life takes over and getting out into the wild to take pictures (what I adore doing) seems difficult to achieve. So the last few days I’ve had to let go of my love of snapping whatever wildlife I can find and just be happy with noting my glimpses through the window literally and figuratively.

Even so I’ve been treated in the last few days to:
– Watching a bird of prey (peregrine?) being flanked and escorted by a large group of swifts out of their patch of sky;
– seeing swifts screaming through the streets at eye level (depending on what floor of the house you’re on);
– being delighted to see a sparrow in the bird bath – first time in 6 years of living with a tiny courtyard garden in the heart of Brighton;
– noticing a goldfinch in a tree in the middle of the North Laines area of Brighton;
– marvelling at a grey wagtail taking of vertically and narrowly missing catching a fly;
– listening to the gentle cooing of doves;
– watching swallows weave in and out of farm buildings;
– seeing the mist swirling around the coombes of the South Downs making them look mysterious and other worldly;
– catching a glimpse of colourful wild flowers on a grey day;
– standing on the end of Brighton (erm Palace) Pier watching a grey/blue rolling sea under a grey sky and feeling somewhat chilly!
– Feeling cool rain on my skin and warm sunshine on my face

It seems that these days a picture is what matters but on reflection this is not a bad list so I guess being wild is not just photographing wild.

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