Last Day in Orkney

P1150791Sad to say that today was the last day in Orkney. So difficult to decide where to go many beautiful places. But it was back to the Bay of Skaill for us. Such a wonderful spot not just because of Skara Brae but a lovely beach and cliff top to explore. Oyster Catchers, Eider Ducks and of course the odd seal or two kept us company.

P1150792P1150793We strolled around the bay and up on to the cliffs. Admiring the lovely flowers. Spring squill amongst other things. Still haven’t seen the primula scotica but I think we’ve missed for this time.

The Atlantic was pounding the cliffs as it does everyday. It was dramatic on a calm day a stormy one would be amazing though a little dangerous I’d have thought. It is wonderful seeing the layers of rock some so thin like paper, charting the hundreds and thousands of years that the rock of Orkney have taken to form.


Back to the bay for one last stroll along the beach admiring the views and rocks, not to mention the commons skate egg cases. Quite a rare thing these days.

Then off to Kirkwall for a final look at the use man makes of the wonderful rocks of Orkney and one last picture of the evening light over Scapa Flow.P1150818


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