Orkney Rocks

Yes Orkney rocks today and not in the sense of Orkney rocks but Orkney rocks (sandstone, Devonian, Stromness flagstone granite etc!). So yes todays wild adventures started at the Orkney Fossil and Heritage Centre what a great little museum (with a super café to boot).

P1150465To think that lots of the rock under our feet is in the region of 350 million years old really does make one think (well me anyway!). Inspired by rocks I went out on to the beach created by Churchill Barrier no 4 to create my own little bit of rock art.

I was aided (?!) by a very friendly little pooch who was intrigued by my activity. Think his owners thought I was a little strange but hey.

P1150470Was lucky enough will looking at one of the block ships sunk now in the sand as opposed the sea to get a glimpse of a short eared owl cruising through the dunes.

Interesting how we can set out to do one thing (in this case stop unwanted Uboats entering Scapa Flow) and end up actually creating eco systems. Nature is wonderful in its capacity to take much of what we throw at it, and do something with it.

P1150489But a bit more on humans, a jewel in the crown of Lamb Holm (well the only jewel perhaps!) is the Italian Chapel alternatively in my book “It’s Amazing What You Can Do With an Old Nissan Hut (or two)”.

This exquisite little place was created by Italian PoW’s towards the end of WWII and really is a really amazing testament to the creativity that can be achieved even when P1150482under, I would imagine, a fair amount of stress and boredom. All the painting, iron work and carving was done by the PoWs even down to the carving of a font. They scavenged materials from where they could including scrap wood and metal, not to mention a fair amount of concrete – but the result is both astounding and moving.

So the end of another fascinating day on Orkney and a well (vegetarians/vegans look away now)  earned – all this exploring builds an appetite you know, dinner (late birthday) P1150491was on the cards. I was treated to what is considered to be the best restaurant on Orkney – The Foveran just reopened after a refurbishment it was great. The North Ronaldsay Mutton was very tasty and met my requirements for eating meat – it should at very least be free range. I don’t think you can get any freerer for a sheep than roaming the beaches of a remote Orkney island eating seaweed!.

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