A Summer Visitor to Skara Brae


A Summer Visitor to Skara BraeP1150368

Come in, come in
out of the wind.
Warm your self by the fire.

Now tell us your news.
We’ve fresh crab or wild boar
let me sprinkle it with green herbs.
Taste our fine honey.
and have a cup of ale.

Sing, sing I see you have a whistleP1150390
give us a song about the collection of the stones
Have they come from every island yet?

They’re to be raised very soon,
when the days are at their longest.
There will be feasting and
celebration a plenty.




Rest, rest now
take a place in the cot
There’s a fleece for your back
and a fine skin for your cover.
Don’t mind the wee one he’ll budge
Me no, I’ve nettle to twine
and seaweed to gather
I’ll take my ease
when the dark comes.

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