30 Days Wild Official Start Date

After the wild weather yesterday things had calmed down somewhat this morning. The day started sunny and clear with fine views across to a field where there were at least 4 hares foraging. I’ve never seen so many in one go and there were plenty more around.

P1150269Lunch was spent by Scapa Flow, where the sun shone, the wind blew, the wind dropped and the rain trifled with us. The perfect place to be if you like to experience a range of seasons in one day.

P1150271A circular walk took in bluebells on the edge – can’t say I’ve ever seen bluebells on a cliff top before. But then I was also quite surprised to find a beautiful little patch of woodland within a few hundred yards of the cliff – trees being somewhat scarce on Orkney.

P1150289It was quite a magical little dell and of course I got to hug a tree (not like me at all!), and take more pictures of bluebells. Funny seeing them in June – feel like I’ve gone back in time by about a month.




Out of the wood it was back to the more typical views of Orkney and home for tea and scones. Later the weather closed in again. With gale force 8 possibly 9 expected later.

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  1. Flower Faerie says:

    Beautiful photos. 🙂

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