A Bit of Rant about Transport Logistics

Walking the South Downs Way is something I’ve always wanted to do. So the chance to walk and raise a bit of money for charity seemed like a brilliant option. Alas time pressures mean that we have to do it in chunks. All well and good until you start trying to work through the logistics. Finding somewhere to stay was straight forward. More on this later. But organising travel to Winchester with a side trip to Steyning and a return from Petersfield took some doing and raised some issues.

So issue 1 why under the Southern Rail Downlander ticket (which allows you unlimited travel on Southern Trains between Southampton and Ashford and bus travel in the area) can you not use the 2 or 2A to Steyning – surely a missed opportunity not to mention a pain for anyone wanting to get from Shoreham station to e.g Chanctonbury Ring?

Issue 2 why is there not some sort of connectivity on tickets to allow travel to Winchester (start or end of the South Downs Way depending which way you’re walking) and Petersfield. Different train companies I know but where is the sense?

Issue 3 distinct lack of buses on a Sunday or Bank holiday Monday – er when do people like to go for walks…!

Oh the joys of the privatised transport system.

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